Harold and Maude and Ken and Glenda: A Car Story

17 Oct 2015 7:57 PM | Deleted user

Ken Roberts and the PorscheKen and Glenda Roberts have a car collection with a twist. Given that the centerpiece is from the cult classic Harold and Maude, it almost has to be. Ken set out to duplicate the Jaguar hearse featured in the movie and he's certainly done it—at a price Ken confesses he never imagined when he first charged off into the project.

The JCCA group of about 40 were guests of the Roberts on Saturday (10/17), touring the collection of cars and period memorabilia and enjoying a hamburger lunch with beer and wine and all the trimmings.

Besides the Jaguar hearse, Ken showed the crowd his other cars in the glow of period neon signs: A pristine, nearly-no-miles 1957 Chevrolet convertible dressed up with drive-in tray and being "repaired" by an automated mannequin he calls "Roger" after the Chasing Classic Cars mechanic.

There's the replica of the James Dean "death" Porsche Spyder, autographed by George Barris, who ended up with the mangled car after Dean's crash. And the other cars in the room and driveway? A replica Mercedes, a '58 Corvette, a couple '58 'Vette-looking cars built on newer 'Vette chassis. In all, the sign of a car collector who enjoys it all and doesn't take it too seriously.

Many thanks to Ken and Glenda for a great afternoon!

Here is a slide show with pictures of the trip.

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