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    Lots and lots of people worked very hard to make JCCA's AGM and International Jaguar Festival (IJF) a great success (headlined by Robert and Debbie Bronstein) and when you registered for the event at the bespoke AGM-IJF website you saw the work of this year's Billiter Trophy winner for outstanding contribution to the club for 2016: Chris Gill.

    Chris is the one who created the website and made it work. He's also the one who spent most of a week at the AGM-IJF with Carol Capano and others, handling registration, audio-visual, and anything else that might come up. Thank you, Chris!

    Former JCCA President and AGM-IJF Organizer Robert Bronstein (right) presents Chris Gill with the Billiter Trophy for outstanding contributions to the club. Photo: Mike Ferring

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    By Shirley Blahak

    There are two events for all British Cars at the Highland Games on Saturday and Sunday, March 4&5.

    The Saturday one is more of a display than a show. There is no entry fee and no awards except for the Peoples' Choice Plaque. We invite the visitors to vote for the car/cars they like best by buying tickets to jot down the car numbers. The one with the most votes gets the plaque at the end of the day and the proceeds go to the Caledonian Society's scholarship fund.

    Sunday is a show on the lines of the old Wheels of Britain. There is an entry fee and awards will be given. The classes etc will be determined by how many similar cars are registered by the cut-off date. The Peoples' Choice will start over again on Sunday.

    People can register for one or both days, either way the owners will receive free admission to the Games and all the other activities going on both days. We will have our own grassy area upon which to park. There is 24-hour security with the Games area fenced off. If people wish to come both days, and plenty do, it is perfectly safe to leave the cars overnight. In fact we usually start taking ours down on set-up day, Friday, and leaving them there till Sunday evening. Never had a problem.

    Get a Saturday information here and Sunday information here.

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    Rigo Duran knows how to throw a party... and a Bocce ball, it turns out. When a bunch of JCCA folks turned out for a party at Rigo's, he introduced them to the game that he's played all his life, since growing up in Argentina. (His brother was a champion at the game.)

    Click here to see a slide show of some shots of the party, taken by Mike Ferring.

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    There are a half dozen Jaguars scheduled to go on the block during the Russo & Steele Auction in January, part of the huge auction and concours week in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Four of the Jags are E-Types.

    Dennis Eynon has arranged for JCCA members to receive a 50% discount on bidders' passes for the auction. Here's a link to the discount page.

    Here's just one of the E-Types in the Russo & Steele auction at Salt River field, a late Series I.

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    The JCCA Annual General Membership meeting (AGM) is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, at the same location as last year, Manggiano's Little Italy restaurant in Scottsdale.

    The agenda for the meeting is being developed, but will include taking a look at the year's upcoming events.

    To sign up for the lunch and meeting, click on the events link.

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    Here's an introduction to new member families with just enough information to make us curious to learn more.

    Matthew Pfaffly and Strand Hoagland: I'm a San Francisco-based pilot for United Airlines and Strand is a Vice President in the technology division of Bank of America. While often very busy with careers and our locally-rescued Chocolate Labrador, Chip, we share a love for our 1987 Jaguar Series III. With just over 9,000 miles she is perfect in every way, 100 percent original and a fun labor of love that we enjoy together. We both look forward to participating in future events and getting to know you.

    Dale and Marilyn Lillard:Dale and Marilyn have been married 5 years, after getting engaged on 2011’s Copperstate 1000 (one of 11 Copperstates they've run). They have a collection of 1930’s classic cars and 1950’s and 1960’s muscle cars and purchased their 1970 E-Type two years ago. Dales says it's always been one of his favorite cars and Marilyn decided she wanted one when she saw it on a garage tour. Dale's company, Lansdale Semiconductor Inc, manufactures obsolete integrated circuits primarily for the military, a business idea he picked up from the automotive aftermarket. He bought up tooling from Motorola and Phillips in the 1990’s when they exited the military circuit business.

    Bob Marcks: Since 1952, when he graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design, Bob has been designing and marketing cars and trucks for Ford, Raymond Loewy, Chrysler, and in his own design and ad firms. Design guru Robert Cumberford has known Bob for more than 50 years and says, "He has been enormously influential in the American automobile industry, both in design and marketing. Almost single-handed, he brought back the American convertible, created a compact limousine, and established the enormously successful 'Big Rig' look for Dodge pickups at Chrysler."

    Below: Bob is a fan of convertibles and thinks Studebaker should have produced this Loewy-designed version in 1953.

    Duane and Mary Eitel:Over the years I have owned various XJS Jaguars. Currently I have a 1989 with the TWR body kit and looking for a full TWR car. Employed as the City of Casa Grande Traffic Engineer, and live in Casa Grande.  Hobbies are sailing, racing my Formula Mazda, and volunteering with the Museum of Casa Grande.  Member of the Arizona Yacht Club, Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, on the board of directors for AZ Region Sports Car Club of America, also President of the AZ National Society of Professional Engineers.

    Arthur Chilcote: Arthur says he has two S-Type Jags, an '01 and an '04. He also says he's enjoyed racing a Porsche 914 in SCCA and HSA, winning championships. He now has a horse ranch in Cave Creek.

    Curtis and Kimberly Bilow: I was originally from Michigan, but I’ve lived in Arizona for almost 15 years. I started working at an auto shop as soon as anyone would hire me, at 15. The first car I learned to drive and work on was a 1962 MGA, which started my obsession with British cars. When I turned 18, I even bought a 1972 Norton Commando to restore for my first motorcycle. While the Norton is long gone, my father and I restored the MGA a few years ago and it currently resides in his garage.

    I discovered a true "barn find" 1967 XK-E in the middle of Scottsdale. It hasn’t run in almost 35 years, but I immediately started the restoration process and hope to have it complete in 2016.

    My wife Kimberly and I live in Gilbert with our two little girls and one dog (Wylie). My other child is a 1968 GTO that doesn't get discussed much in our house! That’s another story!

    Floyd E. Harris Jr.: My love affair with Jaguar automobiles began in 1963 when I purchased a 1963 Jaguar XKE Roadster from Stewart Motors in Phoenix. I considered it to be one of the most beautiful automobiles ever created. (Enzo Ferrari had the same opinion.) In the following years I acquired 8 more Jaguars: 2-XK140s, 1-XK120, 2-XJ6s, 2 more XKEs and my current Jaguar, a 2000 XK8 Convertible.

    I was fortunate to have access to two Jaguar experts, Vic Brown and Pete Perrini. When problems arose which neither I nor the dealer could solve they were invaluable. Other than heating problems with the early Jaguars, all of the Jaguars were very reliable and their road handling was spectacular. In the 60s before Hwy 93 was widened and radar was used I made more than one trip to Las Vegas in under four hours.

    Marty Ross and Julie Lafaye: I live in Parks, AZ, up in the North Country, about halfway between Flagstaff and Williams, in the middle of the National Forest. I've been here for almost 11 years and live with my beloved significant other, Julie Lafaye. We share our home with our two dogs and three (Jag) cats. I own my own business called Mobile Body Tech, LLC (www.mobilebodytech.com), doing vehicle appearance reconditioning for all the auto dealers in town.

    Last October, while repairing a bumper at a local Kia dealership, I noticed a very nice 1998 XJ8 Vanden Plas at the back of the parking lot. They made me a deal I couldn't refuse. That was it. I was hooked. After a little minor work and a new paint job the car is just beautiful now. But I really loved the XK. After reading so much about the prowess of the 5.0 supercharged engine, I found a 2011 with only 19,700 miles on it.

    No. the Jags aren't the most practical vehicles to own in the part of the state where we live, but you can't beat the fun factor.

    Betsy and Tom Toll moved to Surprise AZ for the second time last December.  They'd previously been snow birds but are here now full time. Betsy says, "We have always had a convertible of one type or another. When we moved this time, we sold our Saab Convertible and thought we would have just one car and a golf cart. We decided we needed a hobby car instead of the golf cart. I had always wanted a Jaguar. A neighbor had a 1963 XKE convertible and it was such a good looking car. When we found our XK8 with only 24K miles and in perfect condition [from Rosemary Price], we snapped it up and have been delighted ever since. We look forward to joining in on Club events and meeting other Jaguar enthusiasts. Our previous home for 40+ years was Fort Collins, Colorado."

    Gary Barker offered this brief bio: "Retired military, retired pro baseball, currently batting coach for White Sox, USC." There's brief and there's brief. How about a little more Gary? "I played shortstop for the Sox back in the 60s. My only Jaguar is a 98 XK8 coupe. I quit baseball and joined the army in 1967."

    Richard Smith says, "My wife Marsha and I both grew up in New York City but have been living in the Phoenix area for 41 years. I am an attorney specializing in tax and estate planning matters. I have always been interested in cars, having had a collection of BMWs over the years and a Ferrari 308 GTS. I fell in love with the F-Type when I first saw it and traded in my last BMW for one in March. I look forward to participating in Club activities."

    John Lowney sent us this: "I'm married and have two sons, Colin and Ian. We moved from our hometown, Napa, California, in June of 2000. I'm an 8-year veteran of the Air Force and after I left in 1986, I went to work for a shop called British Sports Cars in Santa Clara, California. I wore many hats, being responsible for detailing customer cars, ordering parts and doing mechanical work. I later worked in San Francisco at British Motors as a test driver and working on Land Rovers.

    "I literally grew up with Jaguars and have a great affinity for British cars, especially Jaguars. (I call myself a British Car Guy because that's what I am!) I'm very glad to be in the Jaguar club now and I look forward to working with everybody."

    Welcome John and Sonia Breslow, who have just joined JCCA and bring with them a mouth-watering collection of Jaguars. Here's John's modest description:

    "My name is John Breslow and my wife of 40 years is Sonia. We are both from Nebraska. I owned a welding supply company and sold out in 2006. I recently was asked if I sold out at the right time and I said I missed it by 20 minutes. Sonia purchased our first Jaguar about 15 years ago. It's a XKE. We now have five Jags. We enjoy retirement in Arizona and spend the summers in Montana. We love driving our cars and making new friends along the way."

    John Breslow - Jaguar XKSS

    That's John in their XKSS, which shares the garage with two E-Types and a Mark II and an E-Type Lightweight continuation.

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    Members of JCCA have elected the 2017 board of directors, led by Rosemary Price, President; Kurt Hanke, Vice President; Carol Capano, Secretary; Jeff Gennaro, Treasurer; Joe Capano, two-year director; Bob Martin, and Phil Parker, one-year directors. The board will take office at the first of the year.

    The board was elected using an online voting system, with the polls open during the last two weeks in October. Just over half the membership voted.

    Under the new club bylaws, in this first election the president, treasurer, and one director will serve two-year terms while the others will serve one-year terms. After the first election, all officers will serve two-year terms, with a portion of the board elected each year. The scheme is intended to create continuity in club governance.

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    The racing at the Goodwood Revival in Southern England pits some of the greatest (and most expensive) race cars of all time against each other, driven ferociously and very well, sometimes by professional drivers. The level of racing is unequaled: such things as a cluster D Jags drifting through turns lap after lap.

    But what puts the finishing touch to the event is that everyone is in on the act. Nearly all the spectators dress in period clothes so that you feel transported back in time to watch the racing in the 50s and 60s.

    This year Maryellen and I went to Goodwood, dressed up and enjoyed. Here are pictures I took.

    -Mike Ferring

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    On Saturday, September 17, there was a drive that either went south to Florence or back in time or into some mysterious place only the participants understand. Dr. Marj Jones-Schafer brought back this gauzy account of it all:

    JCCA’s first drive of the fall season, led by Larry and Marj Schafer, with Route Master Rosemary Price running shotgun in the rear, began with a liftoff from Starbucks in Chandler with several Jags, a Porsche, and a Morgan.

    Driving approximately 29 miles south, the entourage passed from the Cactus Forest into Aleppo Pine trees lining miles of road. Our virtual time travel trip to Greece began with the first glimmer of a small white washed church crowned with a bright blue dome gleaming gloriously in the desert sun, similar to the dome found on Mount Athos.

    As the transporter was magically sending us back in time, four cars made it. David and Pattie Wheeler, driving the open Morgan, made the turn, only to have their dog, unnoticed, jump out of the car. Realizing it as they approached the final turn, back they traveled to find the dog (sleeping under a pine tree.)

    Bob and Lynn Brown, driving the Porsche, could not qualify as part of the time-transported Jags, turned to begin the second leg of the trip that included the Florence 150 year Celebration and JCCA Treasure Hunt. Starting out early, they began the hunt for the Coke Ovens and the True Value Hardware Store.

    The Greek entourage made it safely to the St. Anthony Monastery with a quiet greeting that included the traditional kerasma (water and something sweet). The gracious host father made introductory comments followed by a participants’ clothing review. Bob Martin, longtime JCCA member, said, “This is the first time I have ever been told what to wear for a JCCA drive.”

    Covered with appropriate long sleeves, long pants, skirts, and scarves, our JCCA explorers proceeded to envelope themselves in the beauty of monastery architecture, visiting the main church, four chapels, monks’ living quarters, dining hall, and guest facilities. An elaborate system of gardens, pathways, and gazebos with Spanish fountains provided pathways to view date palms, vegetable garden, a small vineyard, citrus orchards, and an olive-grove-dotted landscape. JCCA Member Pam Reinhart, having traversed this land before, surreptitiously tried to get the other JCCA members lost with the intent that she and her friend Betty might rendezvous in the gift shop to purchase her most “treasured jam treat” before anyone else depleted the stock.

    With purchases of freshly baked goods, jams, jellies, and herbs, the group returned to the cars to travel 8 miles to Florence and meet the Treasure Hunters at the Mount Athos Restaurant for lunch. Tony and Kim Dimitroplos, guests from the IJF Committee, joined the party to give their authentic Greek touch to the event. Greek salads, soup, moussaka, gyros, lamb shanks, Larry’s hamburger, champagne glass-rice pudding, and galaktobouriko (custard in filo) were indulged in with one to two Ouzo toasts to our travelers and award winners.  Ask Bob or Lynn Brown about the Treasure Hunt Coke Ovens. More to see for another driving event.

    Some of the group as they were greeted.

    And regrouping over lunch. Photos: Marj Jones-Schafer

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    The annual car orgy in Monterey this year featured a LeMans-winning 1956 D-Type auctioned for nearly $22 million and Jags appeared in various events from the Quail to the Concours. Mike and Maryellen Ferring were among the JCCA members who attended and Mike shot a bunch of pictures, which you'll find in this slide show.

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