More Information on Travis Car Collection

26 Mar 2015 10:29 AM | Deleted user

We've reached our limit of 30 people for this event and have stopped registrations. If you'd like to go on a wait list in case there are cancellations, please contact Robert Bronstein.

To whet your appetite for the upcoming visit to the Travis car collection, take a look at this full house hand of postcards. The assortment of amazing, award-winning ancient automobiles and motorcycles will be available for your viewing enjoyment on April 25.

There is room in this event for just 30 JCCA members. It's at the Travis home, as I understand it. We'll meet at a nearby spot in central Phoenix, the location to be given to those registered before the event. The tour and storytelling will last about 90 minutes. Then the group will head out to lunch off-site.

Questions? Contact president Robert Bronstein.


  • 01 Apr 2015 5:05 PM | Deleted user
    Mike this is a great tool for our club. We should encourage all members so visit and spend time navigating it. Thanks amigo
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